The idea of RimPRO was born in 1994 on a road in desperate need of repair. A driver hit a pothole while driving, causing his wheel to bend. Although the wheel was still useable, it caused a vibration throughout his vehicle. The only solution offered to the driver by the dealership was to replace the entire wheel! This was a huge cost. So the driver searched for an alternate, and hopefully cheaper solution, but was unfulfilled. Finally he was forced to replace the wheel with a new one.






After considering ideas on how it might be possible to re-true the wheel, a plan was born. Soon, a machine that could straighten a bent wheel was created and patented.

Incorporated in 1997, RimPRO's success is a combination of both a committment to excellent service and their proprietary techniques and machines. These machines do not compromise the composition or temper of the wheel during straightening. In its decade-plus of continuous operation, RimPRO's services are now exclusively employed by most New England area European car dealerships including Ferrari of New England, Direct Tire, Sullivan Tire, and National Tire and Battery.


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