• The most cost effective solution!
  • The existing wheel finish is maintained
  • The wheel still matches age/finish of others on the car!
  • Most bent wheels are repairable

Prices for Straightening:

  • Wheels up to 17"---$115 *
  • Wheels 18-19"---$139 *
  • Wheels 20-21 $165.
    For larger rims please call us!

Call for wholesale prices!


Our strength is in our straightening. RimPRO has a proprietary process that has allowed us to bring wheels beyond “usable” to the near perfect specification of +/- .020” Our machines are designed to remove the dent, ding, or bend without the use of heat that can compromise the temper or composition of the alloy. RimPRO is in business to solve wheel problems!

Typically, this involves 1 of 3 options:

  • Straighten: The customer has a vibration problem due to a bent rim.
  • Refinish/restoration: Includes straightening, the customer has an ugly wheel that has been scratched, oxidized, or run down a curb. We can professionally repair and paint the wheel.
  • Replace: If the wheel is badly damaged or not repairable, it can simply be replaced with a used wheel or an outright purchase of a refinished wheel. We can often swap out for a refinished wheel from our stock of thousands of rims.

The wheel is first checked in and visually inspected for cracks and bends. It is then straightened if necessary using our proprietary straightening process to within +/- .020 inch. It is then cleaned and sandblasted. Now, any missing pieces are welded back in, and machined down. Next the wheel is primed using top quality etching primer for the best possible adhesion and corrosion resistance. Then OE matched color is applied in two coats, and two coats of clear are applied over the color. The wheel is then cooked under a shortwave light for ultimate hardness and abrasion resistance. The final product is in fact of higher quality than the OE finish, and carries a limited warranty against peeling, flaking, or discoloration.

  • Painted or machined Wheels up to 17"--- $185 *
  • Painted or machined Wheels 18-19"--- $209 *
  • Painted or machined Wheels 20" and up--- Call for details
  • Hyper color paint finishes are subject to a $50 surcharge--- Call for details
  • Two or three piece wheels"---Call for details

Call for wholesale prices!

  • Like new finish at a fraction of the cost of a new wheel!
  • Removes unsightly oxidation, curb rash, and discoloration
  • Best color match in the industry!
  • Limited Warranty against corrosion and peeling!

Call us to book an appointment and when you arrive you will wait in our reception area (with Free WiFi) while we lift your vehicle, remove the wheels you want inspected, straighten them, re-mount and re-balance your tires with our high sensitivity balancing machines and re-install them to your vehcile all while you wait!

Call us for a full list of installation and wheel/tire package swap options available!


For details on any of our services, or a specific price quote, please contact us at 888-2-RIM-PRO !

Download a copy of our Work Order Here!

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* Does not include tire work. Pricing is per wheel. Additional fees may apply for multi-piece, chrome and specialty wheels as well as vehicle lifts and custom color matching ---Call for Details